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Costa Rica Retreat Reviews

Jill’s Yoga retreat in Costa Rica is an aww inspiring journey and adventure.  Jill has crafted a retreat filled with tools and knowledge to guide you through your spiritual awakening.  Her retreat is for anyone looking to start their self care mission or for those that are experienced in their spiritual pilgrimage.
Jill’s retreat will not disappoint and will bring you back over and over again.  Her demeanor consists of warmth, joy and soul.  Participating in Jill’s retreat has brought me closer to myself and has gained lifelong friendships with like minded persons.  

This year’s yoga retreat was something extraordinary. The location was so magical. The morning yoga was needed to start my day. The way Jill incorporated the charkas was so fun and creative. The food, especially the cacao, was simply delicious. The excursions were breathtaking at times!! And the people I was able to share all this with, they are now part of my tribe! My heart is full and at peace. Jill (Inspired by Jill) has opened my eyes to such a beautiful country and its beautiful culture. I highly recommend Jill’s yoga retreats…I know I can’t wait to go again!!

Jill’s retreats have been totally life changing for me, in the most positive and uplifting ways possible!!! I’ve gone on three retreats in a row now and just signed up for my fourth/next years retreat, simply because of how amazing and inspirational they have been for me  I can honestly say that I got to experience a couple of my bucket list, ultimate dreams while on Jill‘s retreat, which I am forever grateful for 

Jill’s retreats in magical Montezuma are truly Incredible!!! I love how Jill incudes such inspirational themes for each years retreat! Each years theme has been so fun and informative, which I can tell Jill puts in so much effort and thought in creating a detailed handbook and special themed goodies for us all daily to make the retreat that much more special!!!

Jill is so motivational that you can’t help but be transformed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!!! Plus, Jill’s daily yoga puts you in the best mood and ready to start the day  Jill’s retreats will not only rejuvenate you, but also bring you so much joy, smiles, laughter, adventures, plus the amazing bonus of developing true genuine connections and friendships!
I feel so blessed to have made so many close friendships, which have continued back home!!! I will always cherish the lifelong memories made with Jill/all 

Jill informs you every step of the way, taking away all the stress about going… She provides you a detailed list on what to bring, as well as taking super good care of us all by setting up all the transportation to/from the resort, plus the excursions. Plus each year, Jill is always finding new and exciting places/excursions for us all to partake in to see the local culture and enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle 

Being a huge animal lover, I’m always amazed at all the incredible animal sightings and experiences we’ve had!!! The 1st year was so adorable seeing baby turtles  being released into the ocean, then 2nd year seeing a Mama turtle laying eggs on the beach, how amazing 
Plus the cute monkeys  all over and hearing the Howler s. This year while on boat ride to Tortuga Island, was so magical to see a Mama Whale  with her baby, plus spider s and wild pigs!!! Also went to a butterfly  farm, so gorgeous to see, I could go on and on…

Believe me Jill’s retreats are worth every single penny and so more with the fun, the adventures, the friendships formed and creating forever memories, which all are truly priceless!!! Let Jill’s retreat wash away all your worries and bring you so much joy, peace and laughter while exploring the most beautiful scenery, sunrises/sunsets and enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle with the most delicious food too!! 



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