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Herbal Inspired Classes

Check out what classes are scheduled at Jill's place in Hilltown, PA....

To register go to contact page and send email and pay by Zelle or Paypal Friends n Family. 

Check back as there will be more posted this summer...!

spa night.jpeg

Natural Spa & HotTub Night!

Natural Spa & Hot Tub Night!
Monday August 26, 2024
Jill's Cabana in Hilltown, PA
6:00-8:30 pm

Everyone needs some pampering and self love to fill up their cup and nurture themselves!! This lovely evening takes place poolside at Jill's house...we begin with Yoga by the pool then we get to experience Jill's luxurious, natural, homemade spa treatments, drink crystal infused flower water, juice shots and then we head over to the hot tub for a beautiful guided meditation while soaking in the warm waters with epsom salts and with flowers floating in it. BLISSful evening in a gorgeous natural setting!

Just $45 investment in you!! 

Limited space, so sign up early for this one!! 🙂

Wear your bathing suit under comfy clothes for Yoga, bring a Yoga mat and a towel (I have blankets and blocks)and join me for this blissful evening of natural pampering in nature! ♥


Everything is coming up

Roses Cooking Class!

Everything is Coming Up Roses Cooking Class!
Monday June 24, 2024

Jill's kitchen in Hilltown, PA

6-8:30 pm

Roses are said to be the highest vibrational flower!! They smell amazing, are beautiful and it turns out they are edible and medicinal too! 

We will be creating unique ways to use rose petals.  It is a fun evening and we will eat and drink our creations!  Lots of great recipes to take home and make on your own too.
$40 each. Your payment registers you!

Birdhouse Decorating.webp

     Bird House Decorating Class!

Monday, July 22, 2024
Jill's house in Hilltown, PA

Join me for an evening of decorating a birdhouse! 
Birdhouses, paint and other supplies are provided...just
bring your creativity and lets create unique birdhouses! 

$40 each. 

elderberry syrup.jpeg

Elderberry Syrup Making Class!

Monday July 29, 2024

Jill's house in Hilltown, PA

 6:00 pm. $35 each.

Elderberries and its flowers are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system and so much more!  In this class we will go over all the benefits of this amazing, medicinal plant.  We will see how they grow and then together we will make elderberry syrup.  Everyone will receive the recipes and take home their own bottle of freshly made elderberry syrup!  

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